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As Education takes a new phase in the country and with the zest of the Government to restore its past glory as the Anthens of West Africa, the Honourable Minister of Technical and Higher Education Prof. Aiah A. Gbakima visited the three campuses of the Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology at PortLoko, Magburaka and Makeni respectively on the 17th and 18th July 2019.

The purpose of his official visit according to him was part of the mandate of the ministry to reach out to all tertiary institutions in the country, to get first hand information, do needs assessment and interact on a healthy platform.

The Vice Chancellor and Principal Rev. Prof Edwin J.J. Momoh welcomed the Minister and gave update on the University’s status over the period of one (1) year in office. He expressed some challenges in terms of rehabilitation of classrooms, administrative buildings, hostels etc; lack of equipment in the laboratories in all the campuses amidst all the goodies his administration has been able to achieve.

According to the Deputy Registrar of the Makeni University Campus, Mr. Louis Idris Kamara, haven served the University for over twelve years, the visit of the Honourable Minister was the first and considers it a blessing and a memorable history for the institution.

Addressing Staff and Students, The Honourable Minister Prof. Aiah A. Gbakima emphasized the need for quality education, timely attendance and credibility in carrying out responsibilities.
He encouraged the University to harmonize the actual school-year calendar starting this October.
The Honourable Minister informed Staff of:
A. Government taking over the payment of salaries for academic and administrative staff
B. GIA scholarship available
C. The harmonizatibon of curricula, award of degrees and divisions goes right across

Furthermore, he encouraged students to be corporative with the administration by paying their fees; staying away from examination malpractices; be studious and learn the appropriate hierarchy of communication. He apprised them on their rights and obligations to report lecturers who fail to attend classes.

Finally, the Minister of MTHE declared: ‘no more sexually transmitted grades and degrees’; and advised staff to publish publish and publish.

The session was a very interactive one.

The university administration thanked the Minister for his kind but timely visit to EBKUST

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The name of the University is the Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology (EBKUST), and comprises the following colleges: ⦁ Magburaka University College (incorporating the Government Technical Institute 'GTI'), Magburaka (this College currently houses the Secretariat of the University). ⦁ Makeni University College (incorporating Teko Veterinary Institute); ⦁ Port Loko University College

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