The fundamental mission of EBKST is to provide quality higher education, grounded in Science and Technology, which empowers self, community, nation and the world; while also opening windows of opportunity for all to accessing functional knowledge, skills and competencies. A wide range of programmes will, therefore, be offered that respond to the development needs of the nation, while also not neglecting the aspirations of the individual student. These programmes should also be easily accessible to eligible candidates.


EBKUST has designed a rather innovative system of course delivery to enhance accessibility. For administrative purposes, Faculties, institutes and centres are located in specific colleges in which the Deans/Directors are normally domiciled. Programmes of the Faculties, however, could be accessed from any of the colleges which candidates find more convenient to reach. In this arrangement, Parity of esteem of course content and delivery is assured by rigorous administrative supervision that is based on harmonisation of course outlines, lecturer exchanges, team teaching, and a centralised examination system. EBKUST, therefore, is a multiple-campus University with the following Colleges hosting the Faculties so indicated, but programmes of these Faculties could also be accessed in other locations: