Northern (Makeni) Polytechnic, Makeni

The institution traces its origins to 1964 when it was established as a teachers college by the Catholic Mission with the name St. Augustine’s Teachers College, Makeni. It was later taken over by the Government of Sierra Leone in the 1979/80 session and renamed the Makeni Teachers College.  In 2004, with the passing of the 2001 Polytechnics Act, it became a full-fledged polytechnic with the name Northern Polytechnic (NP) and with the following institutions attached to it as campuses: Government Technical Institute, Magburaka; Islamic College, Magburaka; Teko Veterinary Centre, Teko. With the possible exception of Teko Veterinary Centre, this structure has remained fluid over the years, with the other institutions operating independently of NP. This notwithstanding, NP was for a while the ‘highest’ tertiary institution in the Northern Province, even offering some first degree programmes as an affiliate of Njala University until its incoperation with EBKUST


The Veterinary Institute at Teko (TVI), near Makeni started way back in the 1940s as a livestock centre specifically for the multiplication of ndama cattle breed, and to train farmers in the basics of livestock care. The Centre was completely destroyed during the war, and rehabilitation work started only in 2007. With the creation of the Northern Polytechnic in 2004, the Centre was made a campus of the polytechnic in 2008. This arrangement, like the case of GTI, remains loose and imprecise. The nature of the research activities carried out at the Institute requires highly specialised equipment. A few of these have been acquired mainly through donations and links arrangements. The association with SLARI seems particularly beneficial as it could facilitate the exchange of expertise and the joint utilisation of equipment. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security (MAFFS), with the support of USAID and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of United Nations has renovated the Central Veterinary Laboratory at Teko. It is expected that EBKUST and MAFFS will work out an arrangement for veterinary and Animal Science students to benefit from this laboratory.