Mr. Edward Tamba Ngandi graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree (Chemistry and Mathematics) from the Njala University College, University of Sierra Leone in 1972. He taught for a while and then was recruited by the Ministry of Education in August 1976 and attached to the Institute of Education, University of Sierra Leone. He worked on curriculum development and educational research. This responsibility was later expanded to include the coordination of teacher training programmes in the Teachers Colleges. The task included the conduct of examinations and the certification of primary school teachers. He also provided various support services to serving teachers to maximize their performance.

Mr. Ngandi obtained the Master of Philosophy Degree in Educational Evaluation from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 1978; and has undertaken several short improvement courses in financial management, human resource management and managing research and development projects, among others. His association with voluntary humanitarian organizations such as the Freetown Cheshire Home for the physically challenged and the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society have considerably enhanced his respect for humanity and empathy for the vulnerable in our communities.

Mr. Edward T. Ngandi retired as Registrar of the University of Sierra Leone in June, 2012 and was engaged in volunteer work as President of the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society. In March 2016, he consented to assist the first appointed Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology as inception Registrar to set up the basic structures of the University.